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An urgent need has appeared on the market to develop high-tech management systems in order to enable market players to manage work more efficiently. Antares, an international company, has developed such a system. We connect the seller with the consumer, and when supply meets demand, we make profit from commissions. We ensure that companies on the platform have unlimited scaling opportunities and reduce the product cost by cutting promotion expenses. Partners gain substantial rewards for recommendations and the opportunity to build their own network. Investors get access to the most profitable companies and promising startups. According to financial experts at Morgan Stanley, in the next decade 90% of the market will use professional MLM distribution platforms.

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How can I open a consultation center

Office program — is an additional reward program for Independent Business Partners of Antares (IBPA), who opened a consultation office for the company. According to the conditions of the Office program, an IBPA who has a consultation center receives monthly rent from the company, an additional percentage of the structure′s turnover, can participate in company′s private events and get special leadership training.

IBPAs who have reached the level 11 Mentor career status in any of the Antares programs can open an office. The location of the consultation office must coincide with the region where the IBPA resides, while there must be at least 5 people in the first line of this IBPA′s affiliate structure who live in the same region; and at least two of them must have a level 6 Mentor career status. There also must be at least 20 people in three lines of his affiliate structure to the depth of 3 levels, living in the same region as well, of which at least 5 must be of level 6 Mentor status or up.

The office program provides for additional rewards for the structure’s turnover from line 4 to line 10.

As part of the office marketing plan, there is a program to support IBPAs who find themselves without the help of a mentor. This program is called Office supervisor. The Head of the office has the right to connect his structure of IBPAs who are not located in his affiliate network and get rewarded for working with them. At the same time, these IBPAs remain in the affiliate structure of their former superior mentor. How it works: An IBPA, living in the same region as the Head of the consultation office, can join the affiliate network of the Head of the consultation office, by choosing him as his office supervisor in the personal account. At the same time, the Head of the consultation office will be able to receive rewards for the activity of the connected IBPA, and the IBPA, who was left without the support of a superior, will be able to receive the qualified assistance he needs to develop his Antares business. The Head of the consultation center receives 2% of the purchased investment package of the IBPA who joined him under the office program. The connections are carried out in the first line under the Office supervisor program, the connected partner is not included in the main affiliate network of the Head of the office and is not counted in the volume of the structure for other affiliate programs.